Sunday 1 April 2012

Vytautas Mineral Water

F*** Yeah ;)

Random post despite the after warning :D

This sh*t has to be legit, I wants it ;)


  1. Funniest longest ad I think I've ever seen...

    and... i turn 50 this year.

  2. Come ooon Tape, give us som' new stuff ;-D

  3. Holy shit! What a surprise. I was reading about wpa and bam. Its legit alright. Lithuanian made. Too salty for me :)

    It's been a long time since your last post-vyatsus mineral(hope that sh*t dint happen to you)
    Still working on ur maskprocessor??
    Insted of saying thanks to u,perhaps i should say i luv it!!
    Pls pls upload more suff for us man...
    For ur info i have saved all ur 40 post for offline viewing.
    I'm a aspiring part-time geek..
    by the way,if u dont mind whats ur name??
    The honeybee stuff was awesome and sorry for ur pc..
    pls dude we have expectations on the blog ,uphold it by frequenting ur posts.
    will be checkin ur blog in a day or 2....
    of for a z..z..z..

  5. and sorry no offence about ur personel infos...awaiting ur reply
    ....bye dude,brother from another mother

    1. Name here is TAPE ;)

      Not sure what the next blog post will be about, need to find something
      that catches my attention enough !
      As for maskprocessor, note that this is the Hashcat team's tool !!
      I just blogged about it ;)

  6. TAPES..
    I need some help on wifi password cracking with cain and abel.
    For cracking wifi passwords,i need airpcap adapter. I need info about its price and technical details. is there any other cheap adapters available?
    Is there any software that can crack wifi passwords without any firmware?
    can you do some research about a software named "wifi snow"?

    1. Did you confuse "A Day With TAPE" with "Google" ?

    2. Cain and Abel has a pretty decent support forum

      You dont need the airpcap adapter to crack passwords, its is needed
      to capture the required packets only.. why not simply do this with
      the tools available in BackTrack ?

      Software for cracking wifipasswords..
      Well backtrack has plenty.
      Otherwise oclHashcat can be run in Windows
      Also checkout ;

      Wifi Snow..
      Quick google only shows downloads from sites like rapidshare, which I would not go for..

  7. TAPES...
    I downloaded BT5R2-KDE-32 ,i don't know what is KDE,etc can you brief me about the version.
    And for wifi snow i had already downloaded it,but all of them asked for activation key whic i could't get!!!
    Can we make some auto-executable files that would run on BT5 'which could reduce the work we do (like typing the codes and selecting the channel).
    Pls i dont want to see any links in your reply (:-|)=

  8. ......and what are you workin on for such a looong time(2.5 months!!!!) com'on let us know...

  9. You are trying to do things you really need to dig into more before just trying...

    Read more about the BackTrack operating systems.
    Read more about linux OS.
    Use Google.

    I am not working on anything in particular right now. The posts come when they come.

  10. ...what about the idea in the comment made on 6/15/2012..
    your airdump,etc are functions.
    why not create a function which could contain all the functions

    1. Sheesh.. like I said..


      There are so many automated scripts out there, you are obviously just
      incapable of using the internet / google to find them..

  11. Did you confuse "A Day With TAPE" with "Google" ?

    Posting just to say this made me laugh.

  12. me too.. I can't help it to laugh...hehehe..thanks a lot for showing it to me. . .two thumbs up for your video. . .
    vapor recovery unit

  13. dude you got trolled by the blu flare kid. you really have the patience doncha. hahaha


    1. You have to start with patience ;)

      but as with everything there are limits...

  14. TAPE... just wanted to mention your posts are great with incredible attention to details and I've always learned a lot from them. Hope everything is going well for you and your wife and whenever you feel like posting again know we'll be here to keep learning with you man. Renato - Brazil.


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