Wednesday 4 May 2011

Getting to grips with WiFi


This is just really a shout-out to the fantastic work that Vivek is doing on his site;

He is currently creating a megaprimer on the various uses of the wireless capabilities
and I strongly suggest you take a look at his videos on the subject.

It now stands at 18 videos (as from today 04-05-2011) and it is a very detailed
look at how things work and what vulnerabilities are out there that you should be
aware of.

His videos are very clear and detailed and worth your time in checking them out.

Go for it and learn a lot at ;


  1. Tape have you paid for your test and have access to the student portal yet for the SWSE at I just got access a few days ago and am loving it. Theres a few heavy hitters on there like Albatr0ss who really know their stuff so we help each other out when we have a quick question or two. I think it would be great for you since you seem to be a wireless junkie like me. Great Blog you have and it's full of great info and tut's. Thanks for spreading your knowledge.

  2. Btw, SecurityTube now offers professional certifications for Wireless, Metasploit etc. and also gives our free course material to universities for use:


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