Monday 6 July 2009

Disaster strikes !

Argh !

My lovely Asus eeepc took a dive to the floor and has fractured the screen :(

I am blaming my wife, she is blaming my uncontrolled movements after having
a few beers too many.. which of course is ludicrous seeing as how I still move
with the grace of a ballet dancer no matter the quantity of alcohol containing
beverages I consume..
So I have one-sidedly decided to put the blame close to the middle.. closer to her..
(pics will be posted when I find the charger.. incidently I blame the wife for losing that as well)

OK, found the charger.. it might not have been the better half's fault after all..
Still undecided on the damage sustained to my eeepc though !

In any case the netbook is toast now and am unable to practice the joys of BackTrack
which is a nuisance as the new BT4PreFinal is out and looks pretty sweet.. and I want to get to grips with all the goodness on it !

So to bide the time, a short summary of the excitement on holiday.. yeah.. its kinda quiet there, but great for a rest.

Arrived and found there was a large bee's nest between the windows and the shutters.. yikes..
Got the bee man round and he smoked them with a mixture of straw and cattle feed (?!) which
seems to calm them down a bit, then cut off the combs and put the ones with bee larvae in them
in a new slot for his box..

I was hoping to see the queen, but never did, and even the bee man didn't see her either, all in all
though pretty damn sweet to see.

The beehive;

The dude getting ready;

Starting the removal of the combs one by one ;

Scraping off the bees into his make-shift hive ;

Actually got about a quarter of a jar of honey as well, can't complain I suppose !

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