Tuesday 3 February 2009

Starting learning network security

When I decided to treat myself to a nice new shiny toy, being a fan of computers, I went for the new eeePC (900) . Adventurous as I am.. I also decided to opt for the Linux (Xandros) version, it was cheaper and I thought it was about time to try a bit of this famed Linux..

As a long-term Windows user, I was in for a shock.
I didn't know how to install any apps, couldnt really do anything but get online and was all in all pretty disappointed at first.

So to get stuck in a bit more I joined the eeePC forums and from there heard about something called a "live-distro" with the name of BackTrack which was titled as a Penetration testing platform for security professionals..
Now that got my attention, just sounded too cool to not have a look.
It is basically an operating system which can be run directly off either a CD or a USB / Flash drive.

After a couple of months with playing with BackTrack, I have never even touched the stock linux OS that is installed on the eee, and only use it as a toy to try out the tools on BackTrack and am now very very happy with eee !

Although the areas of BackTrack are covered all over the place on the net, I think thats a nice place to start with the blog and will be going through the various bits and pieces that I have learned sofar.

It will be interesting to make, possibly interesting to read and definately a good place to store the hard-learned information which has taken me a lot of time to do..

Nearly all the info here in the blog on BackTrack3live distro possibilities comes from the fantastic group of guys running the distro and the forums at remote-exploit.org.

I also must give credit to the blogs; synjunkie & benjy's blog , both of which are awesome !

Monday 2 February 2009


Well, here's to trying out getting started with a blog.. !

Not sure how this blog will evolve, however it will more than likely become an accumulation of events and experiences in the mundane life of TAPE !

Why the name TAPE, well it has always held special meaning to me ! One of the handiest things to have !

I have used it for emergency wound binding, household tasks, fixing chairs, you name it, tape is awesome :)
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