Sunday, 20 August 2017

Photobucket requiring plan upgrade for the hosting of images on blogs etc

Edit 19-01-2019
Well seems after a hiatus Photobucket has allowed preview of images with a watermark instead of a thumbnail of the photobucket logo.
I can live with that I guess ;)


Hey any and all,

After many years of happily blogging away and hosting the pics on my photobucket account, there seems to have been a change of heart and in order to continue using my Photobucket account to host images on 3rd party sites, such as this blog, I would need to upgrade to a much more expensive plan than desired.

I will not be doing this so regret to say this looks like the end of the posts here until I have found a solution for the image hosting.

Thanks for your interest over the years. 


  1. I will be sad.... :-(........

  2. I will be looking for a solution, this is annoying me as I put a lot of effort into the post and they are now unreadable..

    The fixing will not be a quick job either... *groan*

  3. Hi TAPE, don't stop!

    You might be interested to host your own WordPress website and import all your posts from this blogspot!

    You will require a hosting provider (like Versio) to install WordPress and register a fancy domain name (could be less than EUR 10 per year). In below article you might find the steps to follow to import your posts into WordPress (or just Google "move blogspot to own domain").

    Hope this will be valuable for you as you have been with your blog to us!
    Good luck and many thanks so far!



  4. Thanks MaXoN!
    I will have to have a look as although a lot of the posts are a tad out of date, there has been a considerable time investment in making them (or so my SO insists..) and it would be a shame for them all to go the way of the dodo..

    Thanks for the words of encouragement :)

  5. Hi,Tape are you romanian?Hope to see you here and online with new stuff.Got a question..
    Can it be done with crunch?a wordlist with this pattern:
    xyxyxy where x=aeiou and y=bcdf and then yxyxyx then,yxxyxy,, but never 3 x or 3y in a row. All Permutations never 3 same charathers in a row and with my own characters dictionary..i only need 2 dictionaries:1=aeiou and 2=bcdfgh IF anyone knows this..

  6. Hey icarus,

    This isn't something that crunch can do, but with a bit of scripting you could get it done.
    Are the variables always;

  7. No X=aeiou vowels and Y=bcdfhjlmnpqrstvxz Consonants this is the charset.It is 0a password of 13 characters.
    I was thinking to do permutations manually 13of 13
    xyxyxyxyxyxyx ,xyxxyxyxyxyxy and so on..
    If i could define the @ and , with my charset so i can do @,@,@,@,@,@,@
    ; @,@@,@,@,@,@, and so on.. but tried with permutations also
    -p ab,ac,ad,f,ag,ah but i doesn't give me 13 to 13 character password but longer one.If i could do with permutations...
    it is interesting.Thanks for looking into it..tried with 13 but if i wanna build a dicionary would a few GBytes on HDD.:)
    Maybe with HASHcat would be easier..idk, i think i leave it


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